Bob Barr is a former Republican Congressman from Georgia and 2008 Libertarian Presidential nominee. He was Justin Kahm's first vote, cast absentee on October 31st of 2008 from the McCone County Court House. Kahm had originally intended on voting for future President Barack Obama, but upon learning that his grandparents ended up voting for Republican nominee John McCain, decided it would be pointless to as the votes of his grandparents would effectively "cancel his out". Kahm then made the decision to vote for a third party candidate at the time his grandparents drove him into Circle, MT to cast his absentee vote. Kahm had considered casting a vote for Independent candidate Ralph Nader, but instead ended up voting for the Libertarian Barr due to Nader's name being the first to appear on his ballot, with Barr's name being second to the last, which appealed more to his "patheothetic" sensibilities. Kahm then cast his vote and his grandparents later returned him to the Riverside Motel in Glendive, MT, where he had been residing. Upon return home, Kahm used his laptop to research the then-unknown Presidential candidate he had just cast his first vote for. Upon discovering Barr's conservative history, Kahm became appalled at his decision, although was able to dilute the feeling to some degree by using some of Barr's more newly acquired "libertarian" stances to try and justify it. Kahm became further contented upon discovering that Barr received only one vote in McCone County, presumably his own, which made Kahm feel like more of a "special snowflake". Eventually, depression over the vote started to set in, and Kahm arranged for his grandparents to take him to the hospital emergency room in Glendive, MT, where he threatened suicide in order to set a return course to Montana State Hospital (he had already had three previous visits to the institution at this point). After a brief stay at the hospital in Glendive, Kahm then returned to Montana State Hospital (Warm Springs), where he continued to feel periodic "residual" depressive feelings about the issue, which peaked during his stay on E-Wing. The residual feelings continued after his discharge, and Kahm arranged for his grandparents to take him to Billings, MT, to check himself into the hospital and what he presumed would be a return trip to Montana State Hospital. There, his parents visited him, and he was able to talk them into letting him live with them again. Despite this, Kahm continued to feel residual and make frequent trips to the Emergency Room of the Billings Clinic, some resulting in temporary psychiatric hospitalizations. Kahm had planned to use his 2012 vote as a way to "make amends", and did cast his vote that year for a progressive Democrat in the primary and worked on the campaign of the Socialist Party USA, but the residual feelings still subsisted to various extents. Kahm again hoped his 2016 vote could help assuage his guilt, but this vote also did not turn out how he had planned. Eventually, the feelings of confusion over his 2016 decision ended up "replacing" the guilt over the Barr vote and pushing it further back into his mind. He would even occasionally use the Barr vote as evidence of "screwing up" and justification for his 2016 decision that he second guessed.

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